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Mr “K” (Moore, OKC, Harrah newborn photographer)

I should’ve known “K” would be such a little angel! His big brother “B” stole my heart a long time ago! These boys are going to be some Heart. Breakers! Seriously! ❤ them both!!!

2-F26C8357 copy F26C8372bw copy 5-F26C8433 copy F26C8418bw copy 9-F26C8623 copy F26C8633bw copy 1-F26C8479 copy 4-F26C8455 copy 8-F26C8411 copy 3-F26C8529 copy 6-F26C8687 copy 7-F26C8701 copy


Mr M’s newborn session (Harrah, moore, OKC newborn baby photographer)

How precious is this little guy!? He looks just like his daddy!!!

1-F26C8054 copy 2-F26C7946 copyw 3-F26C7898 copy 4-F26C7940 copy 5-F26C8072 copy 6-F26C8096 copy 7-F26C8016 copy F26C7880bw copy F26C8108bw copy

Mr “P” and Mr “C” sitter sessions (Moore, OKC, Norman, Harrah baby children’s photographer)

I love this stage with babies!!! So sweet! I had the pleasure of photographing both of these boys at newborn too ❤

Here is Mr “C” 🙂F26C7625 copy 3-F26C7640 copy 8-F26C7570 copy F26C7571 copy 1-F26C7605 copy 6-F26C7608 copy 4-F26C7584 copy

And here is Mr “P” and his sissy too! 🙂

F26C7516 copy F26C7522 copy F26C7489 copy F26C7471 copy F26C7460 copy F26C7512 copy F26C7508 copy F26C7501 copy

Catching up on some sessions (Harrah, Moore, OKC, Edmond children’s, baby, newborn photographer)

Here are a few cake smash sessions that I did a few weeks back 🙂 Both I have photographed since newborn!

First Miss “O”

1-F26C7162 copy F26C7173 copy F26C7179 copy 5-F26C7203 copy 4-F26C7248 copy 2-F26C7232 copy 3-F26C7227 copy 7-F26C7263 copy F26C7235 copy F26C7250 copy F26C7280 copy

F26C7294 copyAnd Miss “H”

1-F26C7644 copy F26C7659 copy F26C7662 copy F26C7702 copy F26C7712 copy 2-F26C7713 copy F26C7805 copy F26C7778 copy F26C7775 copy F26C7754 copyF26C7806 copy

Miss A’s sitter session (Moore, OKC, Edmond, Harrah OK baby photographer)

Agggghhhhhh Miss A is seriously too cute! I just love her to pieces! She was such an angel at her newborn session and even sweeter at her sitter session! Here are some from both sessions 🙂

F26C0466web F26C0573web F26C0635web F26C0790web 4-F26C7434 copy 2-F26C7422 copy 6-F26C7423 copy 1-F26C7369 copy 3-F26C7398 copy 7-F26C7452 copy 5-F26C7407 copy

Mr. J’s sitter session (Harrah, Moore, OKC, Edmond baby photographer)

I loaded Mr. J’s gallery about a week ago and forgot to share here…What’s neat is that I actually photographed his older sisters first year and I am now photographing his too. Here lately, I have been booking a lot of newborn sessions for clients that have already had a newborn session with me for an older sibling 2-4 years ago!….it’s absolutely, hands down, the neatest thing…to be able to continue watching a family grow and be part of something that will hopefully be treasured for a lifetime-their newborn images!

Anyhow, here is Mr. J at newborn and then again for his sitter session:

F26C9321web F26C9212web 6-F26C7097 copy 3-F26C7072 copy 1-F26C7116 copy 4-F26C7007 copy 5-F26C7046 copy

And just for fun, I am going to include an image from his sister’s newborn session, and then her most recent, that I took at her brothers session just a few weeks ago!

8 copy 2-F26C7139 copy

Cake smash time! (Baby, Children’s OKC, Moore, Harrah, Edmond OK photographer)

Here are some recent 1 year/cake smash sessions I’ve had with:

Mr. “O”, Mr. “C” and Mr. “A”…I have had the honor of photographing all 3 boys at newborn, 6 months and 1 year 🙂

F26C6924 copy F26C6939 copy F26C6890 copy F26C6911 copy F26C6985 copy 1-F26C6745 copy 2-F26C6695 copy 3-F26C6691 copy F26C6750 copy F26C6711 copy F26C6776 copy 4-F26C6871 copy 2-F26C6836 copy F26C6866 copy 3-F26C6839 copy

Mr. “J” (Harrah, OKC, Edmond newborn photography)

Isn’t this little guy such a cutie?! I don’t think I have ever seen hair like his on a newborn…I kind of love it! Here are a few favorites from my session with him.

F26C6525 copy 6-F26C6674 copy F26C6577 copy F26C6483 copy F26C6569 copy F26C6616 copy F26C6643 copy F26C6510bw copy

Miss “A” (OKC, Shawnee, Harrah newborn photographer)

I fell in love with this little one! She is so perfect!

1-F26C6175 copy 2-F26C6322 copy 3-F26C6382 copy 8-F26C6161 copy 5-F26C6404 copy 4-F26C6339 copy 6-F26C6179 copy 7-F26C6382 copy

Mr. “C” (Harrah, OKC, Shawnee newborn photographer)

I forgot to load some of my favorites from his session last week when I loaded his gallery online…I loved having him in the studio! He was so squishy and sweet; not to mention my hubby has been friends with his daddy since they were teeny tiny! How precious is he?! Seriously.

1-F26C5607 copy 5-F26C5916 copy 2-F26C5611 copy 7-F26C5785 copy 8-F26C5833bw copy 6-F26C5630 copy 3-F26C5890 copy 3-F26C5600 copy